Juvenile Court Rules
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RULE 33:

Required Support Related Notices
(A)    Required support related notices. All decrees, decisions, entries or orders which contain an order of support for children or an order for support of the children and a spouse shall contain all support related notices as required by the Ohio Revised Code. These notices shall be incorporated within the decree, decision, entry, or order, or may be attached as an addendum.  The appropriate notices shall be used based on the effective date of the support order being issued so as to properly reflect the applicable changes to the Ohio Revised Code.  The Court will update the required notices from time to time as necessary and make them available to the public in these rules and on the Court’s website.

(B)    Where correspondence is to be sent.  All such decrees, entries, and orders shall also contain the following language:

All information and correspondence required to be provided by the parties to the Child Support Enforcement Agency shall be sent to:

Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency
80 East Fulton
Columbus, Ohio 43215.

(C)    Required notice regarding child support payments. All such decrees, entries, and orders shall also contain the following language. This Rule shall act as a Court Order if such language is not specifically in any order, decree or judgment entry of this Court.

All child support orders, and all spousal support orders requiring direct withholding, that are issued after the effective date of these Rules shall be paid through Ohio Child Support Payment Central at the address listed below. If these payments are not made through Ohio Child Support Payment Central, they shall be treated as a gift.

Ohio Child Support Payment Central
P.O. Box 182372
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2373

 (Effective 1/1/09; Amended 5/13/19)