Juvenile Court Rules
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RULE 19:

Informal Intake Conference

Rule 9 of the Ohio Rules of Juvenile Procedure speaks to the desirability, in appropriate cases, of avoiding formal actions.

Juvenile Rule 9

            (A) Court action to be avoided           

In all appropriate cases formal court action should be avoided and other community resources utilized to ameliorate situations brought to the attention of the Court.

            (B) Screening: referral

Information that a child is within the court's jurisdiction may be informally screened prior to the filing of a complaint to determine whether the filing of a complaint is in the best interest of the child and the public.

            As part of the Court's overall effort to conform with the above provisions, informal intake conferences and referral to court diversion programs may occur in lieu of formal actions for certain delinquency and unruly cases.

            Generally, informal conferences will be available only for first time misdemeanor charges and status offenses.  Although no formal finding or record shall result, to be eligible for an informal conference a youth must be willing to admit to the operative facts to the action.

             (Amended effective 7/1/93; 1/1/00; 7/1/04)