Juvenile Court Rules
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RULE 12:

Transcripts/recording of proceedings

             Pursuant to Rule 37 of the Ohio Rules of Juvenile Procedure a complete record of all testimony or other oral proceedings shall be taken in shorthand, stenotype, or by any other adequate mechanical or electronic recording device as prescribed by the Court.

            No public use shall be made by any person, including a party, of any record or transcript thereof, except in the course of the proceedings or appeal or as authorized by the Court.

            Within three (3) days after the filing of objections, the request for said transcript shall be filed with the Clerk of Courts with a copy to be delivered to the Stenographer's Office.  The cost of same shall be as the Court shall from time to time determine at a per page amount.  At the time of ordering a transcript, the ordering counsel or party shall arrange for payment to the official Transciptionist, through his or her supervisor.  An advance deposit approximating the transcript cost shall be posted by the ordering counsel or party with the balance due prior to delivery of a copy or filing of an original with the Court.

            All original transcripts shall be filed by the official Transcriptionist with the Clerk of Courts and shall thereby become part of the official record of the case.  A copy will be provided to the ordering party, upon request, at a cost which shall be determined by the court.

            Requests for transcripts for the benefit of indigent parties other than those represented by the office of the Public Defender, shall be submitted to the Court and supported by an order of the Court directing that the transcript be prepared at public expense.  This order shall serve in lieu of the deposit otherwise required by this Rule.

            Every deposition intended to be presented as evidence must be filed with the Clerk of Courts at least one day before the day of trial or hearing unless for good cause shown the court permits a later filing.  If the deposition testimony is recorded by other than stenographic means, a transcript of the deposition shall accompany the filing of the deposition.  A log of objections shall accompany all depositions presented as evidence.


Amended effective 1/1/00; 8/1/04