Juvenile Court Rules
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RULE 11:


All Motions shall be made in writing in accordance with Rules 19 and 22 of the Ohio Rules of Juvenile Procedure unless otherwise permitted by the Court. The Motion shall be supported by a memorandum containing citations of authority and may also be supported by an affidavit. Except as provided in Local Rules 5(D) and 6(G), all pretrial Motions shall be set for an oral hearing by the moving party and shall be scheduled with the assignment office at the time of filing. Except as provided in Chapter 2152 of the Ohio Revised Code, the moving party shall give notice of hearing to all other parties, including the Guardian ad Litem. Oral hearings may be waived by agreement of all parties and the Trial Magistrate or Judge.

Motions for contempt may contain additional requests for attorney fees and to reduce the arrearage to a judgment. All other motions shall contain a single request for relief and shall not contain multiple branches or alternative requests for relief, except that in addition to the single request for relief a motion may contain a request for appointment of a process server and/or attorney fees.

Due to technological changes in the Court's computerized docket management system, all motions, memoranda contra, and replies shall be titled in the following manner:


MOTION OF (Plaintiff/Defendant) (Party Name)
(to/for) (type of motion)


MEMORANDUM CONTRA OF (Plaintiff/Defendant) (Party Name)
To (Plaintiff/Defendant) (Party Name)'s
MOTION (to/for) (type of motion) FILED (date of motion)


REPLY MEMORANDUM OF (Plaintiff/Defendant) (Party Name)


(Amended effective 7/1/93, 3/11/94, 7/1/95, 1/1/00; 10/1/04)