Juvenile Court Rules
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Continuances and advancements

Requests for continuances will be made in accordance with Supreme Court of Ohio Superintendence Rule 41 and Ohio Rules of Juvenile Procedure 19 and 23 or, where applicable, the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure.

All applications for continuances or advancements shall be made as far in advance of hearing dates as practicable except as herein provided. All requests shall be in writing on forms provided by the Juvenile Case Management Office with a proposed new date included. Requests shall be granted only after notice to all other counsel and/or parties involved. No case will be continued on the day of hearing except for good cause shown. Unless otherwise directed, it will be the responsibility of the attorney obtaining the continuance to notify all other counsel and parties of the new hearing date. Attorneys shall make reasonable efforts to have a contested request for continuance heard prior to the hearing date.

Ruling on a continuance request may be reserved until the scheduled hearing date where continuances on the record are necessary to preserve service or notice on parties.

Amended Effective 1/1/00; 10/1/04