Domestic Court Rules
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RULE 41:

Special Process Servers

With the approval of the Judges of the Court, any person or business entity may be approved as a special process server for the court.

Such person or business entity shall file a motion in the Juvenile Clerk's Office to be appointed as a special process server (for both Juvenile and Domestic cases) along with a proposed judgment entry to be presented to the Administrative Magistrate who will review and either return to the filer for revisions or present for approval to the Administrative Judge/Judges of the Court. The motion and entry shall comply with the provisions of Rules 4.1 and 4.3 of the Rules of Civil Procedure and/or Rule 16 of the Rules of Juvenile Procedure regarding personal service. The person or business entity shall pay a filing fee/security for costs of $35.00 as provided for in Domestic Local Rule 2/Juvenile Local Rule 14.

The judgment entry shall include the name of the business entity, if any, and list the names of all persons authorized to make service of process under the order. In the event there are any persons listed who are no longer employed by the business entity or are otherwise no longer affiliated with the business entity, or additional persons are to be included, a new motion and judgment entry shall be filed according to this rule.

All orders approving a person or business entity as a special process server shall expire one (1) year from the filing date of the last order. Upon the expiration of the order, the person or business entity may file a new motion and judgment entry pursuant to this rule.

All instructions for service by a special process server submitted to the clerk shall be accompanied by a time-stamped copy of the order authorizing the person to serve process under this rule.

The return of service filed by the process server shall include that person's signature and the legibly printed or type-written name of the person making the return of service.

(Effective: January 1, 2015)