Domestic Court Rules
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RULE 26:

Seminar for Separating Parents

All parents in divorce, legal separation, or dissolution actions in which there are any minor children shall attend an educational seminar for separating parents sponsored by the court within 45 days before or after the filing of the action or service of process. No action shall proceed to final hearing until there has been compliance with this rule; provided, however, that non-compliance by a parent who enters no appearance and does not contest the action shall not delay the final hearing. This requirement may be waived by the court for good cause shown.

Each parent shall be responsible for registering at least one week prior to the seminar to be attended.

An informational brochure shall be included by the Clerk of Courts with service of process in each action for divorce or legal separation in which there are any minor children, and a copy shall be provided to counsel for delivery to the plaintiff. Counsel shall prepare and file an appropriate precipe with the Clerk of Courts. Counsel filing dissolution of marriage actions shall provide a copy of the brochure to both parents to the action.

Seminar attendance may also be required by order of the court in connection with motions for post-decree relief concerning the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities.

(Effective May 13, 1991; amended, effective 7/1/93)