Domestic Court Rules
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RULE 23:


Upon the filing of any original action in which there are minor or otherwise unemancipated children who are issue of the marriage, or upon the filing of an original action for support, or upon the filing of a motion requesting modification of an existing child support order based upon a change of financial circumstances, the petitioner shall file a Child Support Affidavit listing all information necessary by the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code to properly complete a child support worksheet.  

The affidavit of the responding party shall be filed and served on the opposing party or counsel with any responsive pleading, or not less than fourteen days prior to the initial hearing.

If either party seeks a deviation from the amount of child support calculated pursuant to the basic child support schedule and applicable worksheet, each party will also be required to provide (if that party is currently married) his / her spouse's current income through discovery and at the time of trial.

The affidavits filed pursuant to this Rule shall be on the forms authorized by the Court as designated in this rule, or in a style and format consistent therewith. All information contained in the affidavit must be accurate. Any information that is estimated must be clearly identified. Blank spaces or “N/A” are unacceptable responses; “none” or “0” shall be used. Failure to timely submit an accurate affidavit may result in dismissal of the motion to modify.

(Effective 10/1/87; Amended, eff 7/1/90; 7/1/99; 8/1/04; 5/13/19)