Domestic Court Rules
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RULE 12:


Unless subject to the Uniform Judgment Entry form(s) promulgated by the Supreme Court, or unless the Trial Judge otherwise directs, counsel for the party in whose favor an order, decree, or judgment is rendered, shall within five (5) days thereafter prepare the proper journal entry, and submit it to the counsel for the adverse party, who shall approve or reject the same within three (3) days after the receipt thereof. Name of the counsel, counsel's Ohio Supreme Court registration number, and the Trial Judge shall be typed or printed upon the entry. When the entry is approved by counsel, it shall be so endorsed and presented to the Judge who made the decision for approval and if signed by him or her shall then be filed with the Clerk. If counsel are unable to agree upon the entry, each counsel shall prepare his/her version. Counsel who prepared the initial entry shall forthwith notify the other counsel of when (s)he intends to submit the entry to the Trial Judge, which entry shall be submitted within fourteen (14) days after the decision is rendered. The Trial Judge shall direct which entry shall be filed.

(Amended, eff 8/1/87; 3/1/88; 7/1/95; 7/1/99; 7/1/04)