Court encourages future difference makers
Posted On : 04/05/2023
The Franklin County Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court hosted a major National Moot Court Competition on March 17th that saw more than 70 law students nationwide visit the courthouse. 

24 teams from across the country participated in the Capital University Law School’s Child Welfare and Adoption Law National Moot Court Competition. More than 60 local attorneys and volunteers acted as judges and bailiffs for the event. Schools that competed included two teams from Capital University and Ohio State respectively, as well as schools from Loyola, DePaul, Florida State, Michigan State, UNLV, University of D.C., Touro, Appalachian State, West Virginia, Cleveland-Marshall, University of Chicago, University of Toledo and Northern Kentucky.

Administrative Judge James Brown’s Judicial Assistant, as well as Kimberly Kershaw, Support Services & Sustainability Manager, and Duane Gamble, Building Manager, of the Franklin County’s Public Facilities Management, were vital in coordinating the event with Capital University Law School staff to ensure the national competition’s success.
“It was an honor to have 70 students in our courtrooms this month participating in a prestigious, national competition,” Judge Brown said. “While we work hard to serve today, we have a responsibility to encourage the next generation of professionals do so in the future.”
That same week, students studying criminal justice at Ohio Dominican University came into the Court for a tour and spoke with Lead Juvenile Judge Lasheyl Stroud and the Court’s Juvenile Community Enrichment Services department.
The ODU students were taught about how the Court operates and its mission to give fair and equitable treatment to everyone who comes before it. The group also sat down with JCES Director Monica Kelson and members of her team and discussed what the department does and how it tries to improve the lives of youth who become court involved.