New judge joins bench
Posted On : 01/17/2023

New judge joins bench

Judge Douglas Nobles was ceremoniously sworn in Friday, Jan. 13 in front of his friends and family at the Franklin County Government Center.

The new judge began overseeing proceedings earlier this month in the same courtroom where he was once a staff attorney. He was elected by voters in November.

Judge Nobles has years of experience serving as both a public defender and a city prosecutor. He also worked under Judge Terri Jamison in courtroom 65.

"My experience from both sides gives me a good balance," Judge Nobles said. "I hope to help people because at the end you're a public servant when you run for office and when you become a judge. So, I want to serve the public and help people."

Judge Nobles said he is committed to helping people who come before him in court understand the process and to ensure everyone is treated fairly.

Outside of work, Judge Nobles has three children including a baby born a couple months ago. He coaches his son's flag football team and enjoys spending time with his family and watching sports.