Franklin County Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court’s ‘Settlement Week’ successfully helps cases reach resolution
Posted On : 12/13/2022
The Franklin County Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court is proud to announce more than 90% of the domestic cases mediated during the most recent “Settlement Week” reached an agreement.
Numerous settlements were made during the 3-hour long sessions. Many others chose to come back to the table for additional mediations due to the encouraging progress made in their initial session. More than 45 cases were mediated during the week in October. More than 65% of those cases reached a full agreement by settling all issues before the court. Several more cases reached a partial agreement because of the initiative.
“While we are pleased with the positive outcomes of Settlement Week, we will continue to improve to provide excellent service to the families of Franklin County,” said Franklin County Domestic Relations and Juvenile Judge Lasheyl Stroud.
The Court hosts two Settlement Weeks a year in which magistrates and judges order parties in contentious disputes to participate in sessions with highly skilled mediators. Every spring and fall, the mediators graciously free their schedules during the designated weeks to come to the courthouse to work with parties and attorneys to assist in resolving the cases.
While settlements and resolutions may be reached at any time in the litigation process, Settlement Week is an opportunity for the Court to focus its efforts on helping a large number of parties reach compromises. The resolution of cases helps prevent backlogs in the domestic relations court, while also serving parties by preventing further court costs, avoiding the uncertainty of trial, and allowing the parties to directly participate in the outcome of their own case.
The Settlement Week this past October was the third time the Court and its mediation department hosted the initiative. The Court thanks all those who helped make Settlement Week a success, especially the Columbus Bar Association which provided refreshments and resources to the public and attorneys alike. Additionally, the Court is grateful to the mediators for their passion and continued dedication toward Franklin County.
We look forward to serving our community during our Settlement Weeks next year. They will take place from April 17-21 and between Oct. 16-20.