UPDATED Announcement Regarding Retired Judge Donald Cox
Posted On : 12/06/2022
UPDATED Announcement Regarding Retired Judge Donald Cox:
At this time, the Court is asking anyone who has a pending hearing before Retired Judge Cox and would like to switch to a different retired judge to submit the attached order along with the new contract (per the R.C., the court is required to have and review the contract).
The Journal Entry is to be submitted through e-filing as if you were filing an Entry for Referral to Private Judge. Please upload the entry as ‘Filing submitted to Duty Bailiff Entry Referral to Private Judge’. We will process those as requested.
If you are submitting a Motion, Entry, and contract for Judge Cox (a new request/filing), we will reject those back to you and ask that you find a new retired judge, or stick with your assigned judge.
Finally, as I am sure everyone is aware, our Judges will do everything they can to fit in settled/resolved/uncontested cases if their schedules permit. I would always suggest reaching out to the bailiff for the assigned judge to see if they are able to schedule you for hearing in the timeframe you require. Obviously, with the holidays and the busy dockets, there are no guarantees.