DRJ Court Employees Attend Training Focused on Trauma-Informed Care for A/N/D Cases
Posted On : 05/18/2017





Adapted from Supreme Court of Ohio Media Release


May 18, 2017


COLUMBUS – With a goal of systematically addressing the effects of past trauma on children and families involved in child welfare cases, teams of juvenile court judges, child welfare directors, and their justice system partners attended a regional training this week.


This year’s theme focused on trauma-informed care for abuse, neglect, and dependency cases and featured Lucas County Juvenile Court Judge Denise Cubbon, who provided a view from the bench. Judge Cubbon joined presenter Dr. Robin Tener, executive director of Northeast Ohio Behavioral Health, who has developed trauma-informed systems in communities throughout the region.


As a result of the training, teams created countywide plans to incorporate in their communities that identified how best to work with traumatized youth, where courts and child welfare systems intersect, and the impact of trauma on proceedings for dual status/crossover youth.


Judge Elizabeth Gill, Chip Spinning (FCCS), Magistrate Marla Holben, Stacy Abroms Bandler (CASA), Elisha Cangelosi (FCCS), Julie Murrell (FCCS), and Ruchelle Pride (JDC Administration) participated in the regional training on May 18, 2017.