2017 Staff Appreciation Award Recipients
Posted On : 02/27/2017
2017 Staff Appreciation

to the 2017 Staff Appreciation Awards Recipients:

Employee of the Year

Larry Sanchez
Juvenile Magistrate

Making a Difference Award

Karen Burke
Juvenile Court Officer

Leadership Award

Eddie Stanley
Probation Supervisor

JDAI Award

Andrea Jones
Superintendent, Juvenile Detention Facility
Ruchelle Pride
Unit Manager, Juvenile Detention Facility

Bev Seffrin
Deputy Director, Performance Evaluation

JDAI Deep End – Certificate

 Barb Reeves
Deputy Director, Fiscal
 Andrew Byerly
Technical Program Analyst, Performance Evaluation
Katie Perrault
Performance Specialist, Performance Evaluation
 Loria Messer
Performance Specialist, Performance Evaluation
 Erika Unger
Administrative Assistant, Performance Evaluation

Best Place to Work – Certificate

Kim Dorsey
Jessica Cleavenger
Diversion Counselor, Family Assessment
Dawn Owens
DYS Liaison, Probation
Jon Saling
Systems Administrator, IT
Maya Kennard
CESA Assistant Liaison, CSEA
Nicole Bass-Stith
Probation Officer
Kandice Hosko
Probation Officer
Martin Doneghy
Probation Clerk