Unruly/Incorrigible Youth Services

 Unruly/Incorrigible Youth Services Overview

Parents who are having difficulty with their teenage son or daughter may come to Youth Education & Intervention Services to meet with an Intake worker, once other resources have been exhausted. The parent and child will meet with the staff member in an attempt to resolve home conflicts or unruly or incorrigible behaviors. An assessment tool will be used to determine if any mental health or behavioral issues exist and the child will be referred to either Franklin County Children Services or Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Additionally, the intake worker will assist the parent with a formal unruly/incorrigible complaint which will be filed in the Juvenile Court and scheduled for preliminary hearing. Should services be successfully implemented the formal filing will be dismissed at the preliminary hearing. If services are not successfully implemented the Juvenile Court may issue a temporary order of custody of the child to Franklin County Children Services.

When can you File Unruly?

Once other resources have been exhausted, i.e. attempts at counseling, assessments, etc.

What is the Age Group?

The Unruly program is for youth that are between the ages of 11-17. If the youth is under age 11 please contact St. Vincent (614.252.0731) or United Methodist Children’s Home (UMCH 614.885.5020) for further assistance. If you need respite care, please contact Huckleberry House (614.294.5553 or 614.294.8097).

Who can File Unruly?

The parent, guardian, or legal custodians are the only people that can file unruly on a youth.

I Want to File Unruly, but my Child has a Pending Court Date?

No unruly filing is needed. At the upcoming court date concerns may be addressed and orders can be made by the Magistrate.

What if the Child is on Probation?

If the youth is on Probation, you must contact the youth’s probation officer and he/she can address the issues that you are experiencing.

What Outcomes are Available with this Filing?

An Unruly/Incorrigible filing will result in either a referral to FCCS for placement outside of the home or services to Youth and Family. Youth cannot be held in the Detention Facility, placed on probation, or placed on an Electronic Monitoring Device.

What About FCCS Involvement?

A referral to FCCS accompanies every informal or formal filing. Their involvement is strictly for service purposes only.

What Other Services Does the Court Offer?

Referrals are made to either BHJJ or FCCS and the youth will be linked through those agency’s contacts. Parents/guardians are expected to fully cooperate with interventions by Nationwide Children’s Hospital Behavioral Heath, Franklin County Children’s Services and the Franklin County Juvenile Court.

Does the Child Need to be Present at the Time of Filing?

We prefer the youth be present at the time of filing.

What is the Difference Between Informal vs. Formal Unruly Filing?

Informal: no formal filing which means no court date.

Formal: filing and court date is scheduled.

Youth Education & Intervention Services Staff

Julie O’Reilly Troth, Deputy Director of Juvenile Programs and Services
(614) 525-3249

Jessica Cleavenger, Intake/Diversion Counselor
(614) 525-3005


Larry Dannals, Intake/Diversion Counselor
(614) 525-6130

Diane Dumas, Intake/Diversion Counselor
(614) 525-3576

Amy Romine, Intake/Diversion Counselor
(614) 525-5869


Where are Unruly Services Located?

Franklin County Juvenile Court
Youth Education & Intervention Services
399 South Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Hours of Operation:

8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Monday thru Friday