School Truancy Services

School Truancy Services Overview

Franklin County Domestic Relations Court and Juvenile Branch currently has a grant funded Truancy Intervention and Prevention Program (TIPP). TIPP Truancy Officers are partnered with local school districts to enforce the state attendance laws. Staff meet with and monitor students in the school setting to address violations of attendance policies. Additionally, staff educate parents and students about applicable laws, issue warnings to youth/parents who violate attendance policies, and file formal complaints.

What is an Excused Absence?

According to Ohio Administrative Code 3301-69-02, an excuse for absence from school may be approved on the basis of one or more of the following conditions:

(a) Illness of the child. The approving authority may require the written statement of a physician/mental health professional if it is deemed appropriate;

(b) Illness in the family necessitating the presence of the child. The approving authority may require the written statement of a physician and an explanation as to why the child's absence was necessary, if it is deemed appropriate;

(c) Quarantine of the home. The absence of a child from school under this condition is limited to the length of quarantine as determined by the proper health officials;

(d) Death of a relative. The absence arising from this condition is limited to a period of eighteen school hours unless a reasonable causes may be shown by the applicant child for a longer absence;

(e) Medical or dental appointment. The approving authority may require the written statement of a physician or dentist if it's deemed appropriate;

(f) Observance of religious holidays. Any child shall be excused if his/her absence was for the purpose of observing a religious holiday consistent with his/her truly held religious beliefs;

(g) College visitation. The approving authority may require verification of the date and time of the visitation by the college, university, or technical college;

(h) Absences due to a student's placement in foster care or change in foster care placement or any court proceedings related to their foster care status;

(i) Absences due to a student being homeless; or

(j) Emergency or other set of circumstances in which the judgment of the superintendent of schools constitutes a good and sufficient cause for absence from school.

If you have any questions concerning whether an absence is excused or not, you should contact your local school office.

 What is considered truancy in Ohio?

Ohio Revised Code §2151.011 (B)(18) defines “habitual truant" as any child of compulsory school age who is absent without legitimate excuse for:

  • 30 or more consecutive hours OR
  • 42 or more hours in one school month OR
  • 72 or more hours in a school year

State law says that parents may be charged with Failure to Send, Contributing to Delinquency, or Educational Neglect in conjunction with a truancy charge filed on the student.

 What School Districts are Currently Included in the Program?

  • Canal Winchester Local Schools
  • Columbus City Schools
  • Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools
  • Groveport Madison Schools
  • Hilliard City Schools
  • New Albany-Plain Local Schools
  • South-Western City School District
  • Whitehall City Schools

Truancy Intervention and Prevention Program Contact Information

Jesse "Jeff" McCreary, Truancy Supervisor (Columbus, Groveport, Whitehall)

Patrick Tingler, Truancy Supervisor (Canal, Gahanna, Hilliard, New Albany, South-Western)

Julie O’Reilly Troth, Deputy Director of Juvenile Programs and Services

The Truancy Intervention and Prevention Program is located at:

399 South Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215