The mission of the Franklin County Juvenile Probation Department is to empower every youth under its supervision to reform their behavior while maintaining and creating a safer community.



· The Probation Department will identify the needs and risk factors for each youth and design an intervention plan specific to the child.
· The Probation Department will continuously engage in and maintain current use of evidence-based practices and rehabilitative programming in order to address the underlying cause of delinquent behavior.
· The Probation Department will maintain an ongoing commitment to the value of its partnership with Franklin County’s diverse neighborhoods in the process of restoring offenders to the community.
· The Probation Department will develop relationships in a mutually respectful fashion and will hold youth accountable through the use of graduated sanctions while ensuring the safety of the community.


· Protect community safety by monitoring probationer’s cooperation with probation rules and Court orders.
· Develop an understanding relationship with the youth that will provide an opportunity for his/her personal growth.
· Assess needs and strengths of youth and family to determine appropriate services and supervision levels.
· Assist youth and families in accessing services and supports needed to bring about positive changes and limit future Court involvement.
· Encourage and support youth involvement in educational and vocational programs.

· Provide guidance for participation in positive community and recreational activities.

The Probation Department is committed to working with and strengthening families whenever possible. However, if a youth’s safety or the safety of the general public is jeopardized, the Probation staff can recommend, with the Court’s approval, the youth’s removal to a placement determined by an appropriate agency.



Pre-Sentence Investigation Unit
The Pre-Sentence Investigation Unit (PSI) conducts social histories on court-referred cases. When additional information is desired prior to disposition, the Court orders pre-sentence reports on all felony adjudications and certain misdemeanors.
Probation Supervision Units
There are four separate Supervision Units. All units are under the direction of the Chief Probation Officer and each unit has a Unit Supervisor with 7-9 Probation Officers. Each unit is specialized to provide specific supervision levels and services to meet the needs of youth and their families as well as afford adequate protection to the community.
· General Probation Supervision
o Misdemeanants and felony offenders who present a low or moderate risk to reoffend.
· Intensive Probation Supervision (IPS)
o Mostly felony offenders who present as high risk to reoffend.
· Special Services Units
o Misdemeanants and felony offenders who are in residential placements as well as those who have sex offenses.
· Alternative to Commitment (ATC)
o Highest level of supervision used for felons only as an alternative to a Department of Youth Services commitment.
· Electronic Monitoring Unit (EMD/EMU)
o Provide in-home surveillance via electronic monitoring services for referred juveniles under Court supervision.



Parental Responsibilities
It is the parent’s responsibility to report all violations of probation to the Probation Officer, i.e. curfew violations, truancy, home rule violations, suspected drug use and negative behaviors. If a parent fails to comply or cooperate, he/she may be held in contempt of court.
Probationer’s Responsibilities
1. The probationer will comply with the probation case plan, including the completion of all programming deemed necessary by the probation department based on illegal activity and/or assessments.
2. The probationer will comply with all court orders and with any and all services and assessments as needed.
3. The probationer will follow curfew as set by Juvenile Court. Changes from the Court’s imposed curfew must be approved in writing by the Probation Officer.
4. The probationer will not be adjudicated or found guilty on any new charges.
5. The probationer will not be truant from home, school, or placement.
6. The probationer will follow the rules of home, school, and placement.
7. The probationer will not leave the county where you live without permission from the Probation Officer.
8. The probationer will not carry or have in his/her possession alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medication not prescribed to youth, or synthetic drugs.
9. The probationer will not test positive for any illegal drugs or alcohol.
10. The probationer will not carry or have in his/her possession a firearm, ammunition, or weapons of any kind.
11. The probationer will attend all meetings scheduled by the Probation Officer and be in contact as directed.
12. The probationer will be required to submit to random drug testing and/or DNA testing when ordered by law.
13. The probationer may be instructed to comply with other Court orders such as an FCCS Case Plan, Restitution/Community Service, Electronic Monitoring or any other orders as deemed appropriate by the Court.


 If a Probation Officer has reason to believe that a youth has in his/her possession contraband or weapons of any kind, the Probation Officer has the legal right to search a youth’s home, person, or his/her personal belongings.



During a term of probation, the youth may be required to submit urine samples in order to determine if the youth is using an illegal substance. Screens can be unannounced. The parent(s)/guardian(s) will be informed of the results. Positive tests can result in a violation of probation and lead to future Court action.


This equipment is used for the purpose of HOUSE ARREST. When an individual is place on EMD, he/she cannot leave his/her home without prior permission from the EMD Officer. Leaving without permission is a violation of EMD/HOUSE ARREST and a violation of probation as well. Permission may be granted to leave the home for school, employment, and medical/counseling appointments. A schedule should be predetermined and established with the EMD Officer.


When a youth has successfully completed all terms and conditions of his/her probation, his/her case shall terminate. If a youth fails to meet his/her terms and conditions, his/her probation will not terminate and will continue until all terms and conditions are met.



  1. Any concerns or discrepancies involving a youth’s probation should be discussed with his/her assigned Probation Officer.
  1. If the situation cannot be resolved to the parent or youth’s satisfaction, please contact the assigned Probation Officer’s immediate supervisor in order to discuss any concerns or discrepancies.
  1. If a situation is still unresolved after speaking with a Supervisor, contact the Chief Probation Officer.
  1. Concerns may also be submitted in writing to the attention of the Chief Probation Officer, Probation Department, 373 S. High Street, 4th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215.
  1. Each youth and his/her family/guardian will be notified of any court proceedings initiated by the Probation department through the Clerk of Courts. The youth and his/her family/guardian will have an opportunity to participate in all Court hearings.
*Phone numbers of the Probation Officer and Supervisor will be provided during the first contact or visit by the assigned Probation Officer.*


In the event a youth assigned to probation is out of control, causing harm to him/herself or causing harm to another individual, notify the proper law enforcement agency or mental health authorities. For other problems, ALWAYS ATTEMPT TO CONTACT THE PROBATION OFFICER FIRST. If he/she is unavailable, contact the Franklin County Juvenile Probation Department’s 24-hour voice mail at 614-525-7535. The caller will need to leave a detailed message.


Columbus Police Department 645-4545


In the event of immediate danger 911


Columbus Juvenile Bureau 645-4670

(Missing Persons Report)


NetCare 276-2273

(Individual is suicidal/extreme mental health)


· Juvenile Probation Main Office 525-7535

· Abraxas 220-8655

· Buckeye Ranch 384-7700

· Care Coordination 525-7621

· Clerk of Courts 525-3027

· Columbus Metropolitan Library 645-2275

· Directions for Youth and Families 294-2661

· Franklin County Children Services 229-7100

· Huckleberry House 294-5553

· Maryhaven 445-8131

· Nationwide Children’s Hospital 722-2000

· NETCARE  276-2273

· North Central Mental Health 227-6865

· Prosecutor’s Office 525-4400

· Public Defender’s Office 525-3194

· SAFY 729-2024

· The Village Network 253-8050



  • Barack 580 Woodrow Ave. 645-3610
  • Barnett 1184 Barnett Rd. 645-3065
  • Beatty 247 N. Ohio Ave. 645-3218
  • Blackburn 263 Carpenter St. 645-7670
  • Brentnell 1280 Brentnell Ave. 645-7640
  • Carriage Place 4900 Sawmill Rd. 645-3715
  • Dodge 667 Sullivant Ave. 645-8151
  • Douglas 1300 Windsor Ave. 645-7407
  • Driving Park 1100 Rhoads Ave. 645-3228
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  • Woodward Park 5147 Karl Rd. 645-3158