Juvenile Probation Department
 (614) 525-7535

FAX (614) 525-7640


Whitney Randolph, Chief Probation Officer
Wendal Horlocker, Assistant Chief Probation Officer 

The primary mission of Franklin County Juvenile Court Probation Services is to empower every youth under its supervision to reform their behavior while maintaining and creating a safer community.


The Probation Department consists of eight units and over 55 staff that are highly skilled and trained to provide exceptional service to youth and their families.


Once a youth is ordered to complete probation, an assessment is done to determine the appropriate placement within the five probation units: General Probation (2), Intensive Probation, Intensive Probation for Sex Offenders, and Alternative to Commitment. Each youth is then assigned a Juvenile Probation Officer who, with the family, creates individualized treatment plans, helps the youth connect with service providers, and monitors the youth's compliance with court orders.


Probation units utilize a combination of supervision and community programming as the main tools in working with youthful offenders and their families.


In addition to the five probation units, the Probation Department includes the Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI), Care Coordination and Electronic Monitoring (EMD) units.  PSI Officers provide the court with complete social history reports on youth and recommendations for court action. The Care Coordination unit provides case management for youth who are not appropriate for Probation but are in need of services. This unit also works with Probation Officers to develop comprehensive plans for each youth placed on probation. They work with court contracted services to ensure youth get the appropriate treatment. EMD Officers monitor youth who have been placed on electronic monitoring either by Court order or administratively by a Probation Officer.