Meet the Magistrate

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Mary W. Goodrich 
Juvenile Magistrate
Court Room
-    #55
General Number -    (614) 525-5295

Preferences and Practices:
Exhibit professionalism at all times to me and my staff.

Be on time; check in with my court officer at the scheduled time; even if you are to report to additional courtrooms.

Be quiet in the courtroom while other hearings are in progress. Be mindful of the hallway noise that filters in each time the doors are opened.

Check service before your case is called.

Notify my court officer if there will be a request that a child be held in the detention center, particularly if that child has a tendency to become aggressive.

Arrange for interpreters prior to scheduled court date.

Mediation and other forms of settlement are encouraged.

Provide copies of pre-trial motions to me prior to trial date.

Continuances will be granted for good cause.

Most importantly, be prepared! Know why you are there!