Meet the Judge

Judge Monica Hawkins
Court Room 62
  • Bailiff : Kelli Johnson 
  • Judicial Assistant : Shari Stump
  • Staff Attorney - Kelsey Ostrander
About Judge
Judge Monica Hawkins brings to the Court over 23 years of public service experience as a social worker, a court liaison and trial attorney for Franklin County Children’s Services. She also has represented clients in domestic relations and appellate court.
As a senior trial attorney, Judge Hawkins represented Franklin County Children’s Services in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Division and Juvenile Branch in the broad variety of cases she now hears:  abuse, neglect and dependency matters, custody cases, motion hearings, contempt motions, reviews and other matters.  Among the cases most significant to her were and remain the highly sensitive termination of parental rights cases.
She tried more than 50 cases, handled over 200 cases and maintained an assigned caseload for her region. She also prepared pleadings and argued before the 10th District Court of Appeals.
 As a law student, and shortly after law school, she worked in other positions that broadened her experience even further. She worked as a clerk for a Domestic Relations attorney,  a drug and alcohol counselor for Children’s Hospital, and as an investigator in the Federal Public Defender’s Office, Capital Habeas Unit.
Before her legal career, Judge Hawkins was a Child Welfare Caseworker and Court Liaison. She worked directly with Franklin County families from every walk of life and across the gamut of our diverse community. She worked with schools and nonprofit organizations to implement family service programming.  As a Court Liaison, she served as a catalyst to improve communications and relationships between Franklin County Children’s Services, the Court, prosecutors and court staff.
Judge Monica Hawkins is the proud mother of Dionte’ J. Johnson, former Ohio State University football captain, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He and his wife, Jessica, are the parents of Judge Hawkins’ expanding family of beautiful grandchildren. 
Courtroom 62 Operation's Procedures
Our Court has streamlined operations in a manner that will endeavor to accommodate parties wishing to be heard, while maintaining safety for all parties.  Fully vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a mask.  Please use the anti-bacterial pumps found around the courthouse.

All scheduled hearings will proceed unless continued by the attorneys or parties.

Continuances are not to be abused.

Lack of response or follow through could result in consequences including dismissal of the case.

Anyone who is not able to appear in person due to health concerns, may request a continuance. No one exhibiting symptoms of Covid19 is permitted in the Courtroom. Symptomatic individuals may be asked to leave by staff. If trial dates are set and you know you will not be comfortable coming into the courthouse/courtroom for health reasons, please move for a continuance ASAP.  

Courtroom 62 is requiring ALL matters to be held in person unless there is a necessary underlying reason (i.e. A party resides out of State, health conditions, etc.)

Parties desiring a Zoom conference due to circumstances as stated above, must request the Zoom hearing by using the form available at    Parties requesting Zoom hearings must have all relevant paperwork submitted and available to the Court 5 days in advance of the hearing.

-    For uncontested divorces and dissolutions- all paperwork must be submitted AND APPROVED 5 days in advance of the hearing. These hearings will be scheduled in brief time periods (15 minutes each). Parties must be ready to proceed at their scheduled time, or the matter will be continued. 
-    Pretrial hearings will be conducted, provided a written pretrial statement is submitted to the Court at least 5 days in advance. The statement may be a summary of contested issues. Oral pretrial hearings will not last longer than 30 minutes, total time.
-    For Motion hearings parties should use the 28-day period to offer memos contra and replies to contested motions. Oral arguments are limited to approximately 30 minutes, total time. Extensive motion hearings requiring evidentiary witnesses will need to be scheduled at a later time. Please advise the staff if this is the case.
-    Status conferences are limited to approximately 20 minutes total.

Trials and Civil Protection Order hearings will be scheduled by the Court.  All other matters, parties will obtain a date from the Assignment Office, unless stated otherwise in the courtroom.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bailiff, Judicial Assistant or Staff Attorney