Meet the Judge
Judge James Brown
Court Room64
  • Staff Attorney : Cara Dawson 
  • Bailiff : Angie Evans 
  • Judicial Assistant : Sheree' Yates
  • The Ohio State University
    Jurisdoctorate, 1982
  • Bachelor of Arts
    The Ohio State University, 1979
Judge James W. Brown was elected in November, 2014 to complete the term of the previously retired Judge, Jim Mason. Prior to the commencement of his term in December, 2014 Judge Brown was a sole practitioner for over 30 years. Judge Brown’s extensive experience as a sole practitioner in the areas of family and juvenile law should serve him well.
As the newest member of the Domestic Relations Bench, Judge Brown looks forward to serving the citizens of Franklin County.

 Greetings from Judge James W. Brown, Courtroom 64:
I hope that this letter finds you safe and healthy. I want to let you know that we are working hard to implement changes to ensure that cases are heard in a timely and safe manner.
My courtroom plans to move forward with hearings on an incremental time basis through video or telephone conferencing. This schedule does not allow for tardy appearances. It is imperative that your hearing commence at the scheduled time. Missed or late appearances will result in your case being continued.
It is the intention of Courtroom 64 to structure hearings pursuant to the following:
Pre-trial hearings will be held by telephone or ZOOM. If parties are represented by counsel, party appearances may be waived by mutual agreement.
Status hearings will be held by telephone. If parties are represented by counsel, party appearances are waived.
Settlement conferences will be held via ZOOM. Counsel or the parties should be in a position that any and all issues may be discussed in detail.
Uncontested divorces and dissolutions will proceed via ZOOM. Final pleadings shall be electronically filed no later than five (5) days prior to your scheduled hearing. Electronic filing information may be found at
Objection hearings may proceed on the pleadings, if agreed, and by waiver of oral argument. The Court will extend a time period for supplemental pleadings upon request. Oral arguments will proceed via ZOOM. Please email Cara Dawson, Judge Brown's Staff Attorney, at Elizabeth to notify the Court as to how this hearing will proceed.
Motion hearings will be held via telephone conference or ZOOM to determine if the matter can be decided upon the pleadings or if an evidentiary hearing is needed.
Evidentiary hearings that necessitate an in-person appearance will go forward on a case by case basis.
*** If any party or representative of a party is not comfortable proceeding in court for an evidentiary hearing due to COVID-19 concerns or is experiencing a hardship in making an appearance due to COVID-19, please know that the Court will grant a continuance. Please contact Judge Brown's Judicial Assistant, Sheree Yates, at (614) 525-4453 or by e-mail at Sheree Yates@ to request a continuance. ***
Arranging the appearance:
It is the responsibility of counsel or the parties to establish the means for the telephone or video hearing. The parties should confer and agree on which party shall initiate a telephone or video conference before contacting the Judge's chambers. If the parties cannot agree, then the moving party will be responsible for arranging all parties' appearance on telephone or video conference. If one or more parties are Pro Se, opposing counsel shall arrange to have Pro Se parties on the telephone or video conference before contacting the Court.
If your case was assigned as a telephone conference, the Court requests that you provide either a conference call line for the Court to use or arrange for a conference call to be generated to the Court by one of the attorneys to commence the call with the Judge.
If your case was assigned as a video hearing, such hearings will be conducted using the ZOOM application, available at
It is the responsibility of the parties or counsel to provide the details by which the hearing shall be conducted by providing a conference call number or notification that the parties will call the Court with a conference established or with a ZOOM "invite." Notification and invitations shall be sent to the Court by emailing Sheree Yates at no later than three (3) business days prior to the scheduled hearing.
I am looking forward to working with you all again. Please know that we will be understanding of the changing needs of this "new normal."