Juvenile Restitution Program

The Juvenile Restitution and Community Service Program (JRP) is a community-based, court-operated program designed to assist in the restoration of financial loss to victims and their communities by providing community service volunteer opportunities. Youth aged 13 – 19, non-adjudicated and adjudicated, felony, misdemeanor or status offenders are eligible for the program and can be ordered and /or referred by court personnel into JRP.  The amount of restitution that shall be owed to the victim will be determined by the Court.  Each youth will have the opportunity to complete 50 hours of community service with each hour worked equivalent to $10.00 an hour, for a total up to but not exceeding $500.00. Youth referred to the program from the Diversion Department will have the opportunity to have their case dismissed once the restitution is successfully completed.

JRP services provided include:
  • Program Overview
  • Community Service Assignment
  • Referral and Linkage
  • Support and Assistance

JRP Contact Information

Katrina Ragland
Office: (614)525-3428
Email: Katrina_Ragland@fccourts.org