For youth who are involved with the juvenile justice system, transportation is often a barrier for access to and successful completion of court-ordered programs, diversion programs, and general compliance with Court orders. Transportation barriers can also lead to increased penalties which can be costly, such as warrants, summons, detention, fines, etc. Additionally, lack of transportation results in increased continuances and increased court involvement which in turn leads to increased administration costs for families, taxpayers and the Court. Safe, reliable transportation services represent an essential element for youth to access and participate in programming, diversion, and successful compliance with Court mandates. As such, the Juvenile Court has created CourtRide a free and voluntary transportation program for Franklin County Juvenile Court-involved youth.

Program Eligibility

CourtRide is available to court-involved youth as requested by JCES, Behavioral Health Juvenile Justice Initiative (BHJJ), the Juvenile Intervention Center (JIC), Police-Initiated Diversion (PID), and Youth Education & Intervention Services (YEIS).

Eligible participants may use CourtRide for the following:
  • Court-ordered appointments;
  • Court-ordered hearings;
  • Court-ordered programs/activities; and
  • Extracurricular activities and/or study table pursuant to court-approved goals and programming plans

The Court requires the following forms be completed:
  • The Client Information Form;
  • Release/Waiver to participate in the program.

For more information, please contact your assigned JCES specialist.