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Monica Kelson, Director

The Juvenile Community Enrichment Services Department supports positive youth development and community wellness by guiding the youth and families of Franklin County towards a successful future in an equitable and inclusive manner.

Juvenile Community Enrichment Services’ vision is to positively impact lives—one youth at a time.
About Us

The Juvenile Community Enrichment Services (JCES) department provides community supervision to youth with felony-level offense charges, pre- and post-adjudication. Post-adjudicated youth are placed in JCES through an order from the Court for no longer than 12 months unless approved by magistrate or judge. Youth are assigned a JCES specialist who partners with youth and families to achieve the desired behavior change.

Pre-disposition, adjudicated youth take part in a pre-sentence investigation (PSI) report completed by a JCES specialist. During this process, youth are administered the MAYSI-2, a brief behavioral health screening tool designed to identify mental health needs in youth. If the youth reaches the threshold for further assessment, licensed clinicians with Nationwide Children’s Hospital complete screening and diagnostic assessments, prior to linking the youth with service agencies.

JCES specialists take an individualized approach with each youth on their caseload, creating a Goals and Success Plan that is tailored to identify strengths and needs. Youth are monitored through face-to-face contact in school, home, community and placement locations. Youth are seen by their assigned specialist according to their score on the Ohio Youth Assessment System (OYAS); aligning with the evidence-based approach of risk-need-responsivity.


The Court has established partnerships with a wide variety of agencies that provide evidence-based and research-informed programming to help modify youth behavior towards a more positive path, with the goal of reducing recidivism. Areas of focus include behavioral health, mental health, substance abuse, and sex offender treatment.
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Juvenile Sex Offender (JSO) Assessment and Treatment
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