Investigation Program Overview

Investigators work with families, social workers, hospitals and attorneys to complete investigations on a Court ordered basis. Investigators provide the Judges and Magistrates with complete social histories that aid in the disposition of primarily custody related matters and in some instances, abuse, neglect, dependency cases and other investigations as ordered by the Court including certifications from other counties or other courts. Investigators are assigned cases once the case been through the initial hearing process and must provide a written report to the Court at the time of the final disposition.

What is a Home Investigation?

A Home Investigation is a written report to the Court. This report includes information about the child, family, home, school, and the situational factors specific to the current Court proceedings. The report will also include a recommendation to the Court.

Why was the Home Investigation Ordered?

Home Investigations are ordered to assist the Court in collecting vital information regarding the personal history of the parties or concerns of those parties which should be explored prior to the disposition of primarily custody related matters.

Who will Conduct the Home Investigation?

A Court Investigator will complete the Home Investigation. The Investigator will need to meet with all parties and the child/ren if age appropriate.

How Long will the Home Investigation/Interview Take?

The Home Investigation/interview process will take approximately 2 hours to complete. If an interview has been scheduled during school or work hours, you may ask for a Court excuse.

Where is the Home Investigation Completed?

The interview typically takes place in each parties home and includes a home evaluation unless there are extenuating circumstances that may prohibit or prevent a home evaluation in addition to a social history/interview. During the school year school aged children will be interviewed at school or parties will need to bring the children to Court.

Do I Need to Bring Anything to the Interview?

Your assigned investigator will let you know.

Investigation Staff

Cassandra Munoz, Director to Court Services 
(614) 525-4170
Regina Reeves, Court Investigator

(614) 525-4121
Jessica Arrasmith, Court Investigator
(614) 525-4498

What if I have further questions?

If you have further questions, please email: