Intake Services

Intake Services Overview

Intake/Diversion Officers work with families, social workers, hospitals, and attorneys to screen cases on a daily basis. Intake/Diversion Officers provide a screening process for cases of abuse, neglect or dependency that family members or in some instances professionals who have direct knowledge of abuse, neglect or dependency of children must complete before formal court intervention is initiated. Through Youth Education & Intervention Services, families have access to the Court to have their cases reviewed by filing a motion. Pre-dispositional motions can be filed through Youth Education & Intervention Services by anyone who has an interest in the case. Post-dispositional motions can only be filed by parent(s) and/or custodians and only if there are current orders to Franklin County Children Services. Intake/Diversion Officers are also responsible for processing certifications from other counties or other courts, adult criminal cases involving adults and children, consent to marry cases and judicial "by-pass" cases. Intake/Diversion Officers make referrals to community resources if Court intervention is not warranted.


Where are Intake Services Located?

Franklin County Juvenile Court
Youth Education & Intervention Services
399 South Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Hours of Operation:
8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Monday thru Friday