Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to get Legal Help?

  • The court provides the Self Represented Resource Center as a free service. For more information Click here 

How can I contact the court?

  • The court is located at 373 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215. For a phone directory Click here

How can I contact the Clerk of Courts?

  • The Juvenile and Domestic divisions of the Clerk of Courts are located on the 4th floor of 373 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215. Their phone number is (614) 525-4410. Their website is available here.

How do I get a CPO?

  • A Civil Protection Order is a court order designed to stop violent or harassing behavior, and to offer protection from the abuser. You can apply for a CPO if you are related to the Respondent by blood or marriage AND have lived with Respondent at any time; OR you are living with or have lived with the Respondent during the past five years; OR you used to be married to the Respondent; OR you have a child with the Respondent, whether or not you ever married or lived together. You can also get a CPO for any member of your household. For more information Click here

Where can I get information about electronic filing (e-Filing)?

  • For information regarding current e-Filing practices please Click here

Where can I find court forms?

  • Most court forms required for electronic filing are available on our website. For the up-to-date court forms, please Click here

How do I eFile?

  • The Clerk of Courts has an e-Filing specific webpage and you tube channel that provides the most current information. Click here

Where can I find the Administrative Orders for Juvenile and Domestic Court?

  • Click here for the Domestic Administrative Order.
  • Click here for the Juvenile Administrative Order.

What are the Court’s hours?

How do I get a schedule of cases?

  • For the current Court Calendar please Click here.

Who are the Magistrates?

  • Click here a bio provided for Domestic or Juvenile Magistrates. 

Who are the Judges? 

  • Click here for more information on Franklin County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Judges.
  How do I get an attorney?
  • This depends on what type of case you have. There are no court-appointed attorneys in domestic relations or juvenile private custody cases. Please contact the Columbus Bar Association for an attorney referral at: 614221-0754 or visit their website at: If you are indigent and you desire to screen for a court appointed attorney in NON-DIVORCE OR PRIVATE JUVENILE CUSTODY CASES, please contact the Franklin County Public Defender, Juvenile Unit at 614-525-3194 or the Court’s Appointed Counsel Office at 614-525-3248. You may also use the Court’s Self Represented Resource Center Click here 

What are the court costs to file my action?

  • Both the Domestic Relations fee schedule and the Juvenile Court fee schedule are available from the Clerk of Court’s website:

How do I become a Guardian Ad Litem and/or get on the court’s juvenile appointment list?

May I appear electronically?
  • Unless otherwise specifically ordered, all parties and counsel may appear via Zoom Meeting.
Has my case been continued?
  • Please call assignment at (614) 525-4407.