How do I find out what positions are available?
From the Human Resources page, click on “Current Openings” and search for positions by keyword, job type or location.
How do I apply for a job?
For the majority of our positions, you can apply online. Our online application will take you through the process of providing your information and completing any required pre-screening. If you are not able to complete an online application, please contact the Human Resources office for assistance.

Why should I apply on-line?
Applying on-line is convenient and easy and you will receive immediate notification of application receipt each time you apply. Applicants who file on-line can submit applications up to 4:59 pm on the final day of posting.   

How do I upload my resume with my application?
You are able to upload your resume, cover letter and any other supporting documents through the online application system.  Please make sure you complete the previous employment and experience section of the application form even though you provided your resume.   Your application will be rejected if you substitute your resume for the experience section of the application form.

If I apply on-line and need to submit documentation, what do I need to do?
You may either upload the required documentation through our online application system or you may submit it in person or by mail to Human Resources located at 373 South High Street, 6th Floor, Columbus, OH, 43215 by 5:00 p.m. on the closing date indicated on the posting or you may fax any required or additional information to HR at 614-525-2230. If the required documentation is not received by the closing deadline, it will not be included with your application.
I applied online. How long does it normally take to be contacted after I apply?
You will receive an automated acknowledgment upon completing the online process. The length of time to review all applicants depends on the position. You can be assured that we will contact you if you meet the qualifications of the position. If you have additional questions, you are welcome to contact Human Resources.

If I submit an application on-line am I required to submit a paper application?
No, you do not need to submit a duplicate paper application if you have already submitted your application on-line.  
How can I be sure that a position I find online hasn't already been filled?
Once a position has been filled or the job has been closed, it will not appear on the website.

Are there opportunities that are not listed on this website?
Most of our positions are listed on our website. The Court has a strong promote-from-within philosophy and there will be times when we look only for internal candidates.

Do you have any part-time jobs?
Currently, we do not have part-time positions; this may change depending on organizational needs.  Position hours are always included on the job posting.

What should I wear to my interview?

For your interview, business professional is appropriate.
What is the minimum age to work at the Court?
We follow applicable state and federal guidelines pertaining to hours of work limitations and prohibited duties. This may mean that for some positions, business need necessitates employing individuals who have reached the age of 21.
I am a former Court employee. How do I reapply?
Thank you for your interest in returning to work for the Court. Please follow the standard application process for any position for which you are interested and meet the qualifications.
Do you offer the option to telecommute?
Due to the nature of our business, there are very limited opportunities for telecommuting.
Can I apply for multiple positions?
Yes.  You may apply for any positions for which you are interested and meet the qualifications.

I don’t have an email address—how can I apply for a position with The Court?
We strongly encourage you to create an email account and apply for positions online.  However, you can also apply for positions in person at our Human Resources Department or you may fax your application to HR at 614-525-2230.

Do you offer special services for persons with disabilities?

Yes.  We will provide reasonable accommodations for ADA qualified applicants with disabilities. Applicants wishing to request accommodation should mark “Yes” on the application indicating you are a qualified person with a Disability and you will be contacted by Human Resources.  If you have questions regarding accommodations or ADA disability qualifications; please contact HR.