Duty Bailiff Office, 4th Floor

Eva Helber, Duty Bailiff          (614) 525-4135


The Duty Bailiff assists the Judges in expeditiously processing pre-decree and post-decree filings for court compliance without the necessity of a court hearing. These filings are processed both electronically and, for pro se litigants, manually, and include pre-decree domestic temporary restraining orders; process server orders; citations for contempt and summons and orders to appear; agreed judgment entries for release of temporary restraining orders, leave to file out of rule, transfers to private judges, modifications of other various orders, decrees, and child and spousal support withholding forms; and agreed judgment entries for juvenile parentage, custody and surrogacy actions.
The Duty Bailiff provides guidance to attorneys, pro se litigants and other court personnel, including Visiting Judges, on court procedures and policies when requested.
The Duty Bailiff works directly for the Judges, under the supervision of the Administrative Judge, and is currently located on the 4th floor left of the elevators.