Franklin County Juvenile Detention Facility

The Franklin County Juvenile Detention Facility (JDF) is a 132-bed maximum security facility which houses youth that require the most restrictive environment and provides safe and secure care for juveniles who require custody pending disposition and placement.


Juveniles brought to the facility by the police will attend a preliminary hearing in front of a Judge or Magistrate within 24 hours of admission, excluding weekends and holidays.  Juveniles are held in the detention facility on an order from the court or if they are deemed a risk to the community, a risk to self, or at risk to flee the jurisdiction before their next court hearing.


The philosophy of the JDF is to emphasize educational services, personal responsibility, accountability, and respect for self and others in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code, Department of Youth Services Standards (DYS), and the conditions of confinement as prescribed by the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiatives (JDAI).






When a youth is remanded to the JDF, custody of those youth remains with the parent(s), guardian or child welfare agency. All medical expenses incurred by the youth while detained are the responsibility of the parent(s), guardian or agency.


All juveniles entering the detention facility undergo an admission process. During this process, relevant information is collected and juveniles are photographed.  They complete a risk assessment which determines whether the youth will be held overnight or released.  Youth take showers, are issued clothing, and their personal property is securely stored until they are released. Juveniles are assigned to housing units and pods according to several criteria, including gender and age. All rooms are single-occupancy.


While detained, youth receive medical and mental health screening services, and are provided education through a contract with Columbus Public Schools. Classroom curriculum includes regular schoolwork along with GED preparation and testing. Additional tutorial services in math and reading are available and a summer school program provides continuing educational services throughout the summer months.  Youth are also given the opportunity to attend religious services and/or speak with a Chaplain privately.