Care Coordination

The Care Coordination Unit has seven Care Coordinator/case managers. The mission of Care Coordination is to provide case management to youth in need of services but who are not appropriate for supervision by a Probation Officer.  Care Coordinators work closely with the Probation Officers to consult on difficult/problem cases.  Additionally, Care Coordinators hold staffings for the very difficult cases determining the best course of treatment to manage cases to ensure the best possible outcomes for the youth.  Care Coordination utilizes Court-Contracted services as well as other appropriate services available in the community for youth and families.   

Christine McAlpine
373 South High Street, 4th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 525-3183
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Care Coordinators

Morgan Bommer-Guinn
(614) 525-5633
Jessica Jessberger
(614) 525-3513
John Jordan
(614) 525-6315
Annamerinda  Buoni               
(614) 525-5076
Jazmine Matney.......(614) 525-4844
Michelle Spohn            ……
(614) 525-4469
Chandrea Montgomery.......(614) 525-4844