The Behavioral Health/Juvenile Justice Assessment Team (BHJJ) performs mental health and/or drug/alcohol assessments on youth to determine if services are needed and, if so, the level of care needed. Once the assessments are completed, staff will link families with community providers based on the youth’s specific needs. The BHJJ team is also available for consultation with court staff, as well as crisis intervention if they have a youth on-site who is presenting as a risk for suicide/homicide. 
BHJJ Services Provided Include: 
Diagnostic Assessment
Case Consultation
Referral and linkage 
Communication and coordination among court personnel, care coordinators, Franklin County Children Services, Family and Children's First Council and Franklin County behavioral health care providers 
 BHJJ Staff and Contact Information:
 Shannon Reinhart, Supervisor
 Office: 525-4438
 Troy Bell, LISW
 Office: 525-4466

 Office: 525-4841

 Jill Archibald, LISW, LCDC-III

 Office: 525-7479