Assignment Office
             Amelia Frick, Assignment Commissioner
(614) 525-440946
(614) 525-440846
The Assignment Office schedules all cases onto the Franklin County Justice System and also maintains an Electronic Filing system. Their duties also include distributing dockets, reports, researching Supreme Court Statistical Reports and reporting Statistics to the Supreme Court. They also transfer Judges and Magistrates and maintain the Judges' and Magistrates' yearly calendars, as well as assisting the public, agencies, attorneys and Court staff.
For the Judges: Schedules hearing dates for the following cases: Uncontested or Drop list on new Divorces and Dissolutions; Pretrials; Contested Divorces; Petitions for Civil Protection Orders; Objections; and Motions.  Assignment also schedules: Objections to Administrative Orders filed through the CSEA Liaison's Office; CSEA Magistrate Domestic cases; and Juvenile matters that require a date in front of the Judge. The Assignment Office also maintains docket schedules for all visiting Judges.

For the Juvenile Magistrates: Schedules hearing dates for the following cases: Delinquencies; Unruly cases; Abuse/Neglect/Dependency cases; and all Pre and Post Decree Motions on those cases types. Assignment also schedules the Preliminary Hearings on Abuse/Neglect/Dependency cases and Delinquency cases; the Non-Lockup docket; Drug Court; CSEA Liaison Objections; and the CSEA Juvenile Magistrate docket.

For the Domestic and Juvenile Custody Magistrates: Schedules hearing dates for the following cases; Motions on Divorces both Pre and Post decree (including temporary orders); all juvenile custody cases of non-married parents that are not a result of an Abuse/Neglect/Dependency issue and various motions for the Child Support Enforcement Agency.

The Assignment Office is currently located on the 4th floor directly outside the elevators.